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Ta Nang Phan Dung

It’s not easy for Ta Nang to be known as the most beautiful trekking road of Southern Vietnam. The splendid beauty is the desire of many to have an opportunity to come here and admire its beauty first hand.

Ta Nang
Phan Dung

Ta Dung, a hidden gem of Central Highlands

This place will bring peace to your soul and blow away all your distress in the morning mist. The dream about a magical land won’t be a dream anymore.

Ta Dung

the easternmost point
of Vietnam

The most beautiful love is the first one, the most beautiful sunrise is the first one. You will encounter surprise to surprise when you join this journey!

the eastern most point
of Vietnam

Exploring Philieng Waterfall

The ability to admire the grandeur of mother nature has never been “easy” like this! You will be able to feel the coolness of the fountainhead, listen to the sound of water falling off the ledge, taste the taste of nature. Your senses will become more sensitive when you’re here!


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